Citromax S.A.C.I Case Study

Helping stabilize their network and improve performance.

“Exceptional – TechWerxe provides reliable, responsive, and straightforward service. Having been part of our business for the past 5 years, they have been an integral part of our growth. The level of technical knowledge as well as being business savvy makes them an outstanding performer. Whether the problem be complex or simple, they handle it all…”

Elaine G. NJ & Argentina


Citroil Enterprises facility in Argentina asked TechWerxe to fully update their systems in their facility in Tucuman, Argentina. The systems had been neglected for many years, after TechWerxe performed an audit we found numerous issues.


TechWerxe was contracted to prepare a brand-new ground up infrastructure which would include new Servers, Switches, Storage Arrays among many other items. The requirements were to have a fully available and fully stable environment.


TechWerxe started by installing brand new cabling with fiber interconnects between the buildings and redundant switching to avoid any single point of failure. TechWerxe also implemented VMWare and Citrix technologies to replace the aging server infrastructure.