Telecom and Voice-over IP (VoIP)

Keep your business connected

Seamless collaboration and communication

In today’s busy world, employees need to work from anywhere and from any phone in order to stay connected. A Voice-over IP provider should provide your business with an easy-to-use Unified Communications (UC) application that combines voice, video, instant messaging (IM), presence, advanced call management, voicemail and other functions together in one platform. With VoIP, any phone can be designated as your business phone, whether it is a SIP phone, an analog phone and even a mobile phone or home office phone. Other integrated services like digital fax and voicemail, to instant messaging and secure video calls, can ensure that productivity and communication are maximized within your team.

Why Your Business Needs VoIP

Your business needs to stay connected. Voice-Over IP keeps your lines of communication open all the time, supporting a full range of functions, including Contact Center needs and your day-to-day call and front office needs. This increases your ability to multitask and handle overflow and priority calls. Our solution allows you to connect with every internal staff member and prospect customer, integrating with a variety of software, your company directory and meeting web conferencing.

With a VoIP install and hosted maintenance plan, your business will benefit from cost savings as well as hands-on management from an expert team of IT and communication professionals with assistance and support desk available 24/7.

How Techwerxe Can Help Your Business

With our managed vTalk software, Techwerxe can help turn your phone into an all-in-one device for the many communications your NJ or NYC business needs to collaborate and get in touch. Techwerxe has an experienced team of experts, based in NYC and New Jersey, available to help your Passaic, Essex, Morris or Bergen county business communicate optimally. Our services cover a wide range of tools to promote flexible communications including Unified Communications, Network Services, Cloud Services and Colocation.

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