Managed IT Services

Fix any technical problems on the spot

Network stability and security with the experts at Techwerxe

Techwerxe helps NJ-based business owners and managers relieve stress and increase efficiency by providing fast full-service Managed IT Support in New Jersey and New York. Our on-site computer service can help your business with fixed-fee support agreements, technology strategy and planning, desktop and server maintenance, local help desk and proactive network security. Our Managed IT service experts are experienced in helping businesses in Manhattan, Passaic, Union, Essex, Bergen and Morris counties by providing on-site assistance, sustaining network stability and ensuring network security.

TechWerxe’s On-Site Computer Service helps you with:

  • Fixed Fee Agreements
  • Technology Strategy & Planning
  • Desktop and Server Maintenance
  • Onsite Support
  • Local Help Desk
  • Proactive Network Security

Why It Matters


Strategic planning is critical to Technology Leadership. At TechWerxe, our best-in-class IT department includes a CIO, Lead Engineer, Project Manager, Field Operations and Desk Support. Our manageIT™ in-house staffing model creates relationship-based client partnerships from our Help Desk to our CIO.


Uninterrupted operation is fundamental to the demands of a productive business. Having confidence that your business equipment and processes will be operational on demand and will continue to perform even when they are under threat is critical to small to corporate business performance.


Sustaining network stability is critical to business performance. By definition, a network is a system of computers interconnected by network cables or other means and is designed to share information. It goes without saying then, that sustaining network stability is critical to performance.


Fixed Fee Support Agreements are a benefit of employing a Managed Service Provider. Our manageIT™ support agreements range from the most basic, “Essential,“ to more comprehensive support, as in “Managed,“ “Enterprise,“ and “Custom“ support with predictable monthly cost.


Regulatory compliance is a requirement of major industries. Regulatory compliance is the term used to describe the policies and processes many industries use to ensure they follow the rules, laws and regulations established by the governing organizations. Whether it’s HIPAA , Sarbanes-Oxley , SEC or NASD , IDA, TechWerxe is familiar with all major standards.


IT roadmaps set the direction for your company’s technology. An IT roadmap pairs your company’s short and long-term goals with the appropriate line of business equipment and applications. In partnership with our clients, the manageIT™ roadmap helps to create a consensus regarding the needs and technologies required to achieve those goals with forecasting technology.

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