Work From Anywhere

Is your business protected while your employees work from home?

Protect your business while your employees work from home.

Are you aware that the average total cost of a single breach has increased by 6.4% to 3.86 million dollars? With that being said, the number of records that have been lost and stolen has climbed 2.2% this past year alone. With employees working remotely more than ever, this has created more vulnerabilities in your systems.


Moving forward into 2021, employees will keep working beyond the office walls, while maintaining the same access to company data. Now is the time to lock down on your data more than ever! Are you prepared if a breach happens within your company’s system? Do you have someone that can find the gaps in your security before they are breached? Are your employees working from your business’ secure network? Do you know how to offer employees increased flexibility while still maintaining compliance and data security?

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Introducing TechWerxe’s new vWFA solution that offers a secure way to Work from Anywhere.
TechWerxe’s Work From Anywhere product offers you:

  • Data Protection
  • Secure connection to your work environment
  • Ability to control data on personal devices
  • Internet and content security
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Device management – security if using a personal device

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