Harvard Enterprises Case Study

Secure and cost-effective IT support

“TechWerxe does an outstanding job at managing our IT. Their team has excellent interpersonal skills and an excellent grasp of our business demands. The uncommon combination of technical skills and business understanding is a breath of fresh air. We are more than satisfied with TechWerxe as our IT team.”

Reid R.Harvard Enterprises


TechWerxe was contracted to provide consulting work on migration from their midtown NYC offices to a new location in downtown NYC. TechWerxe was brought in to fix issues during the migration which was led by another IT firm.


There were many issues during the migration with VMWare and Routing. TechWerxe was able to identify the issues in the network after a full diagnosis of the plan, after the network was stabilized TechWerxe took over the project and created a new migration plan.


We physically moved their data center overnight to the new location. TechWerxe also reconfigured their Cisco routers and created new networks for Voice and Data to separate the traffic. TechWerxe also implemented new SAN’s and isolated the storage network from all other networks.