Keystone Folding Box Co. Case Study

Seamless Business IT Solutions for Greater Productivity

“Due to our seamless integration of technology for Keystone Folding Box Company, we were able to achieve ZERO ticket submissions for this client in the 1st quarter of 2018.”

SejalCEO of TechWerxe

“Centuries” of Neglect

Since opening more than 100 years ago, Keystone Folding Box Co. has become a staple in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Keystone’s expertise in design and manufacturing of paperboard packing has made them a proven leader in the healthcare packing market. With over 75 employees working onsite and remotely, IT stability is a must.


When we first met with Keystone Folding Box Co. back in 2017, mismanaged infrastructure and neglected IT projects and updates hurt employee productivity. Many of their computers still ran Windows XP and their server and network equipment was never managed properly. Keystone was neglected in terms of response time and project completion, leaving the owner to pick up the pieces. Our main priority during the transition was to clean up the mess left behind by the previous provider.


After transitioning over to our vManage-IT platform, we began our overhaul by first decommissioning all Windows XP machines and replacing them with upgraded Windows 10 workstations. We implemented a backup plan for their critical workstations in the event of a disaster and replaced their faulty UPS system with an improved model with automatic shutdown and startup and upgraded their core business application server for better performance. During this process we also stabilized their unreliable internet connection and upgraded them to high speed business internet with nominal cost increase. Finally, we implemented new policies, procedures, and systems to help increase user productivity and increase security surrounding their current infrastructure. With our overhaul, we were able to decrease trouble tickets to 0 for an entire quarter. This left the President of Keystone more time to focus on what’s important and employees happier and with working technology.