By many accounts, the economy in Orange County, NY is thriving and will continue to thrive well into the future. Businesses located there will continue to face new forms of competition as its flourishing business community attracts new companies and industries. Many of its businesses are looking for managed IT companies in Orange County, NY to make them more competitive. They’ll do best if they begin their search with a clear understanding of what they need now and in the future and what types of services potential managed IT companies have to offer.

The Unique Economic Profile of Orange County NY

Home to the nexus of Interstate highways 84, 86 and 87, Orange County is a leader of economic growth for the entire NE quadrant of the country. Lying just 60 northeast of New York City, Orange County is a vital element of the greater NYC economy, which accounts for up to 20 percent of the national GDP. Orange County’s burgeoning health care, education, retail trade and manufacturing industries ground its economy and attract increasing numbers of enterprises seeking the most opportunity at the most affordable price.

Informed Decisions Enhance Competitiveness

Because of the increased market competition created by its surging economy, both established and newer Orange County companies are struggling to maintain their competitiveness while also retaining their profitability and market share. Many of these businesses understand that transitioning to technology instead of adding human workers is their most likely best option, but aren’t sure how to begin that process. In some cases, corporate leadership isn’t knowledgeable about what technical services they need or even what such services are available.

For most, if not all of these businesses, managed IT companies in Orange County NY offer answers and solutions to virtually all of their IT concerns. Their most pressing challenge: knowing what to look for based on current and future corporate needs.

Developing a Managed IT Plan

Adopting a managed IT plan is more complicated than simply selecting a provider and informing them of all your digital demands. Instead, you should base your strategy on a two-part evaluation:

  • An internal evaluation that includes both what your company needs now and what it will need in the future, and
  • An external evaluation of potential providers that examines their individual rosters of currently available managed IT services and those services that they will eventually offer that respond to future possibilities.

Addressing your current needs

Today’s managed IT services often improve the productivity and reduce the cost of many typical business tasks and systems. Automation, mobility and analytics can speed corporate activities while producing deeper insights for better decisions. Clarify which elements of your enterprise might benefit from these managed services.

Anticipating your future needs

To succeed in tomorrow’s equally heated economy, Orange County businesses must be prepared to grow and flex with that community, and you should expect your managed IT provider to facilitate much of that internal growth. Be sure to articulate where you see your firm in five or ten years and ask about the services they have or expect to have to respond to those goals.

Assessing Your Options: Managed IT Services

As you research the managed IT companies in Orange County NY, consider the value to your enterprise of the following managed IT services.

Application management and Cloud configuration

Your managed IT provider will assume responsibility for a variety of digital functions so that you and your workers can focus on your core enterprise. Ergo, how they manage your applications will have a significant impact on how your company does its work.

  • Depending on the configuration of your organization, managed IT companies in Orange County NY may move some or all of your apps to their cloud-based servers, where they have better control over those functions.
  • Many will also offer a hybrid configuration that encompasses both their cloud systems and your in-house technology, and doing so will maximize the on-premise investments you’ve already made.
  • Making the move to the cloud may open up a host of other cloud-based services that also marry well with your in-house or on-prem systems, such as app development and maintenance.
  • Keep in mind, though, that the move may also complicate how your enterprise accesses those assets so be sure to clarify how those processes will work before signing on as a customer.

Disaster Management, Recovery and Continuity

Perhaps the biggest selling point for cloud-based managed IT companies in Orange County NY is their capacity to handle and recover from digital disasters while simultaneously maintaining business operations and continuity.

  • Unlike in-house or on-premise systems, cloud-based services have the server space and programming available to provide redundancies across the enterprise.
  • Those backup systems facilitate a swift return to work when the primary systems are compromised and are often also safe and secure data storage receptacles, too.
  • Backup systems are economical. In fact, companies that outsourced this service lost an average of $1.1 million per incident as compared to $4 million lost by those organizations that used only in-house resources for the purpose. Those in-house sites cost the company 32 percent more than the outsourcing option.

The Orange County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is actively engaged in growing the county’s economy by inviting in new companies and industries. Both new and established businesses will need all available resources to compete and managed IT companies in Orange County, NY are uniquely qualified to provide those resources so they also succeed.


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