Union County in New Jersey has been a popular destination for businesses and communities for over 350 years. The region continues to grow and thrive into the 21st Century, and many of its businesses are now looking for a managed IT company in Union County, NJ to ensure that they retain their market share of the area’s burgeoning economy.

If you’ve settled your business in bustling Union County NJ and you’re concerned about managing your IT equipment and systems in today’s hyper-competitive sector, perhaps it’s time to seek out a managed IT company to look after that aspect of your business for you.

What’s Working in Union County, NJ

Being near to New York City and its 8.6 million residents, Union County is a natural location for a variety of industries that support both its local and extended communities. Healthcare related companies abound as the County is home to both the Overlook Hospital and the Trinitas Hospital. Healthcare support and research are also well represented as both the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co and the Summit Medical Group have their headquarters in the County.

Additionally, the county’s vital transportation hub acts as a nexus for transportation to all the regional markets, including one of the world’s busiest airports, Liberty International. Since the mid-1990’s, the area in general, and Union County, in particular, have added hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs in the educational, medical, shipping, transportation and commercial industries, driving its growth rate by a cumulative 3.6 percent since 2010.

Looking ahead, the County’s Strategic Plan calls for the development of resources to support the anticipated growth in the educational, healthcare, professional scientific, manufacturing and finance sectors. Further, it is actively developing programs and policies designed to encourage and assist the future growth of its communities and is actively seeking new and existing companies to expand within its county borders.

With Growth Comes Competition

What all this growth means to local businesses is competition – lots of competition. Most business leaders should (if they’re not already) be looking for ways to rise above their competition regardless of their particular Union County industry or market sector.

If you are doing business in the County, you’ve almost certainly noted the uptick in local and regional competition, and you may be concerned about how you’re going to manage those challenges. You are already looking for ways to maintain your competitiveness as your sector grows without adding unnecessary stress to your current operations. And, you might also think that technology probably offers you solutions to these new problems, but you’re flummoxed about the services you need and not sure how to find a services provider you can trust. You answer to these concerns may be managed IT services, which can solve many if not all of your growth management problems.

The Value of Managed IT Services

Today’s IT technology is unsurpassed for its capacity to reduce costs, streamline productivity and achieve corporate goals in record time. And the pace of change in the IT industry is equally breathless as each week sees the release of even more unique and innovative programming. For companies that aren’t involved in the tech-development industry, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the changes, let alone understand how they can benefit any individual enterprise. That, in fact, is the primary reason why companies seek out managed IT services providers: to help them gain, implement and stay current with the best IT for their organization.

Finding a Managed IT Company in Union County NJ

Not all managed IT services companies are alike, but experience reveals that the best ones share these qualities.

  • They prioritize customer service.
    Your managed IT services provider is managing your services, so it is critical that you get the level of service you need, whether that’s on-site support, a 24/7 help desk, or desktop and server maintenance as required.
  • They provide expert advice and consultation.
    Your managed IT provider is also your conduit into the ever-evolving digital universe. Accordingly, they should be able to answer all your questions about how the technology is helping your business, from updates about the latest security practices; what, if anything, can reduce your costs further, or how you can improve productivity without a large capital investment.
  • They get business processes.
    While the provider is your go-to expert for all your business tech needs, it, too, is a business so it should understand what matters in every business, especially yours. Things like timeliness, good customer service and meeting expectations are as valuable to you as are their tech services and expertise.
  • They assume the mundane.
    An IT management provider can take on all (or most of) the tedious tasks of your business so you can focus on its core deliverables. Day-to-day and routine activities can be automated (so they’ll go faster and be more accurate, too) and even requirements like compliance management can shift to their list of things to do.
  • They facilitate your dreams.
    Ultimately, the digital systems that drive your organization should be flexible enough to pivot in response to your market’s, industry or customer’s demands. Growing your enterprise means having the technological capacity to support that growth. Your IT services management provider should scale your operations as you need them to expand.

Union County’s economy is growing and adding more competition to your industry and market. Master both by accessing the services of an IT management provider.


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