Even if you know you need help managing your corporate IT infrastructure, that doesn’t mean you also understand all the options available when accessing that service. In most cases, the size and scope of a company will determine how one or more outsourced IT services can help it grow and thrive, and the analysis of those metrics is, in itself, a fairly valuable outsourced IT service. If you’re looking for an outsourced IT company in New Jersey, you’ll want to know how to find the best one to meet the needs of your organization.

Outsourced IT Services to Look For

The type of outsourced service you get will be determined by how much control you want to have over your IT environment.

  • Some companies want to outsource just some but not all aspects of their IT activities, such as data protection or call center management. These organizations may be best served a managed services provider (MSP) that will work with their existing systems to provide just the services requested as those relate to their internal proprietary technology.
  • Some companies may choose a hybrid technology setup where they retain part of their operations on in-house machines and shift other parts of their activities to cloud-based servers. A hybrid arrangement requires significant collaboration and communications between the client and the outsource IT provider, to ensure that all desired, outsourced services and supports work well with the on-prem technology.
  • Still other companies may wish to move their entire digital infrastructure into a cloud environment where the service provider assumes management of all aspects of the technology. Customers need only tell their outsourced IT vendor in New Jersey what they need then access the technical tools to achieve those goals.

What Services Can be Added to Your Existing IT Infrastructure?

Strictly cloud-based

Unlike in-house configurations, managed IT services in NJ can expand to include programming that isn’t even available in an on-prem system. The outsource IT provider uses its cloud-based technology to provide services such as automation and scalability which, by themselves, are often too expensive and consume too many resources to be a viable option for many companies, especially for the smaller sized enterprise.


IT security is often the first service transitioned to a managed IT provider or cloud hosting company. Today’s digital security demands are accelerating as cybercriminals become more sophisticated and damages grow exponentially from one breach to the next. Most organizations, especially small to mid-sized enterprises, can’t afford the expenses involved in constant security feature upgrades or enhanced vigilance over system and network assets.

The servers and systems of outsource IT companies in NJ, however, are uniquely populated with security in mind. One of their primary businesses is to maintain the highest level of enterprise security programming for their clients, and they have staff specifically dedicated to preserving vigilance over emerging security concerns.

Disaster Recovery

As an adjunct to security, outsourced IT companies also can reduce or eliminate the damage that occurs when systems are breached. Not only can the outsourced software contain the damage to the footprint of the breached machine or system, but related programming maintains business continuity while repairs are ongoing.

What Costs Can be Saved by Outsourcing IT Services?

Cost is often the driving factor in every IT decision including the decision to seek an outsourced IT company in New Jersey. Finding a service provider for some or all of your IT needs can eliminate the need for additional spending on non-fundamental business activities.

In fact, most companies can save a bunch by outsourcing to an IT company the more extensive technical needs of customer service and call center activity. For example, rather than invest heavily in staff and equipment to improve their call center system, one large healthcare clinic switched its call center activities to a managed IT company and was surprised when the change resulted in better services in addition to cost savings. The IT company added resources that the health care entity didn’t have in the first place, and the monthly operational fee covered only the services used. The health center didn’t even need to obtain additional licensing, nor did they incur the costs of employee turnover or benefits.

Vetting Outsource IT Companies in NJ

Being located close to New York City, the New Jersey industrial corridor usually offers businesses better services at better prices than they can find within the Big Apple’s boundaries. Consequently, many companies in both New York and New Jersey look for tech services companies in New Jersey. If you’re looking for an outsourced IT company in New Jersey, there are a variety of sources that offer information on available vendors.

  • Trusted colleagues are often good sources of referrals for IT services, especially if the companies share a common industry.
  • Yelp is also a popular search engine for businesses and New Jersey tech companies are well represented there. The website offers a brief description of what each company does as well as customer reviews.
  • Not least significant is a google search for the specific type of service you need. IT services vendors frequently submit valuable and informational blog posts (like this one) to help current and potential clients find them on the Internet.

There are many reasons to seek out an outsourced IT company in New Jersey and just as many factors that go into choosing one over another. By sharing your needs and concerns with your chosen IT vendor, you’ll almost certainly improve your organization’s productivity and save money in the process.


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