Rockland County, New York lies only 30 miles north of New York City and enjoys the benefits of being part of the nation’s bustling northeast region’s immense economy. Companies doing business in Rockland County face frequent upticks in competition, however, as both local and area economic development entities highlight its benefits as a prime industrial sector. Consequently, many businesses are working on ways to beat their competition and are looking for managed IT companies in Rockland County, NY to help them accomplish those goals.

Getting answers to ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQs) about managed IT services helps move them forward in their managed IT procurement quest.

FAQ #1: What are the core services of a managed IT services company?

Fundamentally, managed IT services are digital functions that are outsourced to a dedicated managed IT services provider. In most cases, they encompass the following three main deliverables.

  • A comprehensive service desk
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Management services of third-party vendors

A Comprehensive Service Desk

Many companies don’t have the funds to employ a dedicated help desk staff, using their worker resources instead to fill their core business demands. Managed services help desk resources fill this gap by providing digital responders – chatbots – to provide answers to the company’s most often-asked questions. Automated responses facilitated by digital programming speed both customer service and worker inquiry deliverables and at a significantly reduced cost besides. The reduction in error potentials, increased consistency in messaging and variable consumer segmentation capacities are making the automated help desk more popular each year, and by 2020, robots – not humans – will manage more than 80 percent of all customer service transactions.

Remote monitoring and management

Another concern lifted off the business owner’s plate by managed IT services is the opportunity for 24/7 remote monitoring of all the corporate systems. Managed IT providers use software tools to oversee the functioning of all elements of the complete corporate technology system, including its remote and fixed devices and applications to ensure they are secure and functioning properly. Additionally, remote managing services facilitate remote patching and repairs on malfunctioning programming or hardware, eliminating the need for a costly in-person technician visit, and reducing the time from error to fix. So the managed services optimize the systems you already use.

Perhaps the most significant service, however, is security. Managed IT providers have the technology necessary to maintain across the enterprise the highest possible levels of security for both cyber protections as well as compliances with regulating bodies. The monitoring service oversees these functions as well and can quickly recraft them as cybercrime defenses evolve and industry standards change. Many small and mid-sized business owners agree that outsourcing this most critical aspect of their technology configuration gives them the most peace of mind.

Managing third-party vendors

No company gets by with just one program or contractor; most of today’s organizations access the services of a myriad of third-party vendors of services and products that help them do their work. Often, challenges that arise within these contracts also bubble over into the IT system, either through a direct IT connection or through the IT capacity of the connected machine or device. For the client, managing the IT challenges of more than one service provider can be expensive and aggravating; managing IT isn’t their primary focus. Managed IT providers often offer this service as well to ensure that any repair or remediation work that affects the company is comprehensively handled to benefit the whole company.

FAQ #2: How does the cloud play into managed IT services?

Cloud-based managed services providers control not just the best of today’s IT services but also tomorrow’s. Cloud computing takes place on the service provider’s servers so some or all of your company’s electronic activities will occur in that other location. Once migrated, however, your databases and applications gain access to the wide array of services offered by your MSP, not just those that you’ve already consigned. As your company grows and evolves, so can your technology services.

FAQ #3: How can managed IT services benefit specific industries?

Besides offering the most current version of typical business functions, managed IT services can be customized to suit each individual company’s specific product or service lines. The best managed IT companies in Rockland County, NY offer application and programming development services, and they can design, test and implement complementary programming to facilitate your most proprietary of needs. Further, as your systems evolve and newer technologies emerge, the managed IT provider can redesign or reconfigure your customized technology to embrace those emerging opportunities.

FAQ #4: Are managed IT services expensive?

In most cases, managed IT services are less expensive than absorbing the costs of all their variables in-house. Most companies could elect to pay for the development, deployment, and management of each of the separate services – help desk, remote management, app development, etc., – but the cost of building and implementing all those digital tools would require one or more significant capital investments. Instead, managed IT services are usually offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, so customers only pay for the services they use. As a result, the access to and use of the most current versions of today’s cutting-edge software becomes an operating expense and is much more affordable.

The business community in Rockland County, NY is looking forward to continued growth and expansion. Accessing the services of a managed IT company in Rockland County, NY gives every enterprise that works there the edge it needs to compete successfully in that hyper-competitive market.


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