Northern New Jersey continues to thrive as an industrial hub and an integral player in New York City’s metropolitan sphere of influence. Its economic growth relies on innovations in technology to facilitate the ever-widening scope of business and sector demands. One technical element that is seeing explosive expansion is that of the managed IT services industry as its digital wizardry offers bigger and better computing solutions every day. Your Northern New Jersey enterprise can gain additional space in this hyper-competitive marketplace by accessing the emerging services that are supplied by today’s cutting-edge managed IT services providers.

Northern New Jersey’s Ongoing Evolution

Northern New Jersey is battling back from the damage caused by Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy. In the process, it has been evolving its industrial infrastructure to both maintain the activities of its current population while preparing for the incoming flux of new residents and new businesses. Already a notable economic hub, the state in general ranks high on most economic indicators: it’s per capita income is second in the nation, and its GDP ranks seventh overall. Companies doing business in the busy northern sector are focused on innovation and technology to maintain their share of the local and global marketplaces.

Technology Facilitating Innovation

Perhaps the best response (so far) to the demand for innovation in Northern New Jersey and elsewhere comes from the managed IT services industry. Across the sector, programmers are launching new solutions to old problems and creating new opportunities in the meantime. Managed IT companies in Northern NJ are quick to convert the new programming into a service so they can offer it in addition to their already comprehensive menu of digital tools. Several new processes and services are now available that promise to disrupt – again – how the world (in Northern New Jersey) does business.


The emerging trend in cybersecurity isn’t a new process but instead a new way of thinking about it. Today’s organizations already use the data and network security programming offered by most managed IT companies in Northern New Jersey, and they trust that their providers will continue to stay ahead of and protect them from the cybercriminal enterprise.

Instead, data and corporate security are now considered an element of overall organizational health and some companies are evaluating how those elements factor into business decision-making and outcomes. Rather than keep the security concern siloed, they build it into their overarching system and use it to define and structure their organizational management policies and priorities. By looking at data security more as a risk management element than as a finite result, these malleable enterprises manage to keep their databanks and networks safe while also developing innovative and new products and services. Many say they would not have the resources or flexibility to accomplish these security and development goals without the help and resources of their managed IT services provider.


Communications is another arena where managed IT services are rising in popularity. Again, the cloud-based services offered by managed IT providers are uniquely well suited to managing the intricacies of the VoIP system because of their adaptability to new technologies and increasing demand.

Today’s communications systems include not just standard telephones, but also mobile and video phones, multi-sited conferencing, text messaging and data sharing, among many other options. Most companies don’t use a single communications tool but rely on a network of different technologies to facilitate the communications process. Cloud-based managed services can integrate and handle the variety of technologies so that users can achieve their desired goal regardless of the media they use or the channels through which they send it. And the managed services provider is responsible for the security of the VoIP system, too, relieving their customers of that financial and operational burden.

Print Services

Yes, print services. Despite the explosion in digital everything, printed documents are still the foundation of many industries and workflows and the equipment and technology that integrates the digital with the physical is more important now than ever.

Mobility is one driver of the sector. With more workers working remotely than ever before, companies must find a way to physically capture their data. Cloud-based printing capacities connect those workers to printers, scanners, copiers, etc., so they can input their physical work product from any location and print it wherever it’s needed. Thus far, there’s been little in the way of device-based apps to facilitate the print capacity, which makes the cloud solution all the more enticing. Managed IT companies in Northern New Jersey that offer the service can connect their mobile devices to the physical machinery through an Internet connection.

The Rising Popularity of Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

These trending service capacities underscore the equally impressive rise of the cloud hosting infrastructure itself. A 451 Research survey indicates that 53 percent of respondents have increased their spending on cloud-hosted services, and 59 percent of that spend is aimed at managed services. Further, bundled IT solutions are also rising in demand as SMB’s seek less expensive ways to achieve their goals without sacrificing their profitability. Adding the emerging trends outlined above to the already well-populated menu of managed IT services only enhances the already high value of managed IT companies in Northern New Jersey.


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