The depth, breadth and scope of managed IT services continue to evolve as innovative new programming replaces legacy software and old-style digital design. For companies in any industry, the new technological landscape promises faster production at less cost and with greater opportunity for profitability. For organizations in the New York metropolitan area, the right managed IT company in Passaic County NJ can provide the cutting-edge tech needed to maintain competitiveness. Your New Jersey business can retain its competitiveness by accessing the services of a locally based managed IT services provider.

Innovation and Growth in Passaic County, NJ

Passaic County, New Jersey is part of New York City’s metropolitan area and relies heavily on those influences in its economy. Its primary industries include transportation, retail trade, healthcare and manufacturing, and its +++ recent job growth of 2 percent surpasses that of the country as a whole (1.6 percent). The County has worked hard to overcome the adverse effects caused by Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Irene and continues to thrive because of its sizeable and robust workforce, its excellent mass transit options, and its encouragement of the post-secondary education opportunities offered by its numerous community colleges and schools. The County is actively engaged in improving its infrastructure and rail system to support the growing influx of new residents and businesses.

Overview of Managed IT Services

Many businesses delay seeking the services of a managed it company in Passaic County NJ because they are unsure of two things:

  1. what they need, and
  2. the variety of services available.

In response to the first concern, the reality is that most managed IT providers can tailor their services menu to fit the specific challenges of their individual customer, and then continue to modify those as demands and needs change over time. The hard part for the prospective customer is identifying what pain points they want the managed services to solve, and the services provider is also often an excellent resource for that process, too.

In response to the second concern, while every managed IT services company offers a variety of services, the most basic menu of services should address most or all of the typical business needs, with an added list of ancillary programming to address more particular or industry-specific issues.

Common Managed Services

Fundamentally, every ‘managed service‘ involves an information technology (IT) task that is handled by a third-party contractor. As the customer hands over control of those IT tasks, the third-party provider assumes responsibility for performing those tasks as well as maintaining their systems and services. Most often, the tasks migrate to the provider’s servers in the cloud where they have control over almost every aspect of each task’s function. For the services, the customer pays a monthly or annual fee and after that trusts that the provider will maintain the tasks over time.

The most common tasks handled by a managed IT company in Passaic NJ include (but are not limited to) the following.

Monitoring remote servers, desktops, and mobile devices.

Keeping up with today’s hyper-frenetic market activity is critical to staying ahead of the competition. Maintaining that informed level of awareness requires constant monitoring of business processes and systems. And those business systems sometimes generate billions of bits of data every day, all of which is vital corporate information. Managed IT providers can capture from every corporate source all data produced by the company, then compile it into actionable reports for leadership to review. Most companies don’t have the financial or technical capabilities to create with the same level of comprehensiveness the monitoring capacity offered by a managed IT company.

Flexing to meet demands

Managed services can also improve technological functioning by executing management tasks to streamline enterprise activities. Updates to existing programming, patches to facilitate better functioning, and systems reconfiguring to support new acquisitions all happen on the service provider’s servers. The client company is relieved of the capital investment that would be needed to accomplish those tasks in-house and can remain focused on proprietary activities even while the modifications are in process.

App maintenance and management

There are new apps introduced each day that promise higher performance with fewer problems. However, most companies can’t simply plug into their existing systems the newest digital tool, no matter how valuable it appears to be. With a managed IT services provider, however, they can take on additional programming capabilities because their contractor does the hard work of onboarding and integrating the new software into the existing configuration. The customer doesn’t have to make the capital investment into the revised system, but only pays the fee required by the service provider and then receives the improved constellation of capacities delivered through its existing technology set-up.

Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

There are new cyber threats emerging daily from all corners of the globe, and every individual company is hard-pressed to maintain adequate security and recovery capabilities to protect against them all. Managed services providers design their security and disaster recovery programming specifically to address both existing known threats and emerging unknown threats and make it their business to reconfigure their programming as they identify new risks. Business continuity services keep customer’s systems working while making repairs or revisions so clients can reduce their losses despite the attack.

Managed IT companies in Passaic County, NJ provide a variety of digital functioning and protection programming that can help your enterprise thrive in Passaic County’s busy markets.


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