With today’s focus on the Internet of Things and data leaks, it’s not surprising that many companies are investing more in the future of IT than they are in maintaining the IT that they already have. As a result, network management budgets are shrinking even while IT acquisition budgets are growing. Forward-thinking leadership recognizes that every enterprise requires both a solid foundation and the opportunity for creative innovation, so they outsource their network management duties to managed IT services in NJ.

Managing the Unsung Heroes

After years in business, most companies have core capabilities that are well-established and run almost unnoticed under the flow of day-to-day activities. Their worth to the enterprise is invaluable, yet, while functioning flawlessly, they get almost no attention or accolade; application support, data center management and customer service systems as examples all provide critical services that keep the organization running while leadership is negotiating the next deal or project.

It’s when those systems fail, however, that their value becomes apparent. When a key application goes down, the work in critical departments can slow or stop altogether; if the customer service systems don’t work, consumers will take their business elsewhere; if the data center goes down, the entire enterprise can crash. Failing to maintain the fundamental-yet-routine aspects of the corporate infrastructure can pose a significant threat to the enterprise as a whole.

For many New Jersey and New York organizations, addressing that threat means securing managed IT services in NJ. The managed IT services provider steps in to maintain selected, core processes so that corporate talent can focus on more strategic initiatives. The IT services provided are tailored to meet the needs of the specific company, and the company can count on their managed IT services provider to keep their infrastructure running smoothly for an affordable monthly fee.

Managing the Three Critical Assets of Every Company

In many cases, the client organization looks for managed IT support for three critical aspects of corporate processing, all of which extend beyond the company’s core deliverables: keeping on-site machines working; keeping the enterprise-wide network running and keeping the enterprise secure.

1) Providing On-site Assistance

Even companies that have almost all their processing in the cloud still have local hardware, software and connections to maintain. Most organizations retain at least some of their IT infrastructure on-site, however, and need a swift response when it fails.
Keeping hard- and software functioning becomes a bigger challenge when an enterprise operates out of more than one site. In most cases, it’s not feasible to maintain a network maintenance worker at each site, yet all sites – including mobile devices for remote workers – require servicing from time to time.

The managed IT services provider contracts to provide support and swift responses in each of these instances.

2) Sustaining Network Stability

To get work done requires a stable system, which means that all elements of it must work in concert. Not only must each separate computer and device integrate with the functioning of the others, but the connections between them must remain stable and reliable as well. A flaw or failure in any one element will impede the function of the whole system. When all are working well – and working well together – the system achieves stability and work can progress.

The work provided by managed IT services in New Jersey, then, is aimed at furthering the corporate goals through a stable and well-functioning IT infrastructure, and the managed services providers have training specifically to achieve that end. In fact, there is a ‘best practices framework’ for marrying corporate goals with IT supports listed in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It is the job of the IT professional who carries an ITIL certification to facilitate the specific technical system that best meets the needs of the company client.

Ergo, accessing managed IT services in NJ  from companies that follow ITIL guidelines ensures that every client company will have the stability it needs to maintain productivity even when its systems are having difficulties.

3) Ensuring Network Security

In these times of innovative cybercrimes and rising damage levels, maintaining network security becomes more of a priority than ever before. For many companies, the economic demands are too excessive to maintain high levels of both digital protections and cybercrime vigilance in-house. Acquiring the soft- and hardware to secure a perimeter is often a capital expense and staffing that level of IT resource adds to the operations budget besides.

For these companies, outsourcing their managed IT services in New Jersey to provide network security is both an efficient and economical solution to the problem. The services provider maintains the necessary IT security staff as a fundamental aspect of their business. These professionals are trained to identify network and system vulnerabilities and offer repairs and fixes for those concerns. They also maintain a vigilant eye out for emerging threats to ensure that previously unknown challenges don’t inadvertently sneak into company servers or programming.

The purpose behind obtaining managed IT services in NJ is to meet company objectives as efficiently and economically as possible, and maintaining in-house resources is rarely the most efficient or economical answer to many IT challenges. Managed IT services provide the support and network servicing needed so companies can continue their work towards their next corporate goal.


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