Bergen County, New Jersey, is home to hundreds of businesses engaged in several industries, including healthcare, finance and insurance, manufacturing and the sciences. Consequently, and as a thriving economic hub for the Northeastern United States, the competition among Bergen County companies is fierce, with each working to outdo the best efforts of their sector colleagues. Those organizations that rise above the fray are often the ones that wisely allocate at least some of their resources to managed IT support in New Jersey. By doing so, they access today’s most innovative technological advances, while also keeping costs low and productivity high.

Bergen County’s Burgeoning Economy

All signs indicate that Bergen County’s economy is booming and isn’t going to stop booming for the foreseeable future. Unemployment rates are below the national average (4.2 percent vs. 5.2 percent) and annual year-over-year job growth is higher than the national average, too (2 percent vs. 1.6 percent). Looking ahead, future job growth is also anticipated to exceed the national average by as much as 1.8 percent (39.8 percent in Bergen County vs. just 38 percent across the country).

Healthcare is expected to retain its place as the top local industry, employing some 14.4 percent of all Bergen County workers in 2016. The retail trade industry is running close behind as the second top employer, however, retaining over 11 percent of the County’s employed workers. Perhaps the most exciting industry that’s expanding, however, is the professional scientific and technical industry. These highly skilled professions employ almost 10 percent of all of Bergen County’s employees; they bring depths of knowledge and insights into their respective fields and are responsible for much of the innovation and invention that originates right here in New Jersey.

Maintaining an edge in any field in Bergen County, then, is challenging on the best of days, and players in every industry are constantly seeking new and different ways to improve their place within their individual sector. For many, the answer to this challenge is found in managed IT support services companies.

Why Managed IT Support?

Despite the best of their intentions, most companies aren’t the best at everything they do. Unfortunately, as they maneuver within their industry to maintain their market edge, many organizations must take on processes that are necessary to accomplish their business but are not also within their scope of experience or expertise. Added sophisticated technology is usually the culprit as companies add digital programs and systems as a support to their core operations without being dedicated technology development companies themselves.

Managed IT support companies in Bergen County pick up this challenge by offering just the digital services these enterprises need as ancillary support to their corporate practices. By providing the work in a support capacity, the managed IT provider is responsible for the function and performance of the support services, from employing the staff to maintaining the equipment. The customer pays a monthly fee for the service and always has that IT support provider available making sure that the functions perform as expected.

Organizations looking for managed IT support in Bergen County can usually find one that is responsive to their specific needs, regardless of what those might be. Particularly popular tasks that are outsourced to the managed IT services provider are customer service relationship applications such as service desks, data storage management, backup and recovery activities, and network monitoring, to name just a few. The outsourced customer service desk provides an excellent example of how a managed IT support service maintains an invaluable corporate asset for any enterprise:

The service desk is now a critical component of any company that interacts with customers and consumers, which is every company that sells services or products. Most companies don’t provide ‘customer service’ as their core offering but instead manufacture and offer the goods and services. For them, maintaining a service desk can be expensive because they rarely have the corporate assets and systems in place to provide the service. Hiring a managed IT support service in Bergen County gives these companies the customer service support they need at a price they can easily afford. In exchange, they get satisfied customers whose concerns are quickly resolved through the managed IT service providers portals. The contracting company retains both the goodwill of the customer and the money saved by not having to develop and staff the service desk in-house.

Besides avoiding unnecessary capital investments on in-house IT support capacities, organizations that hire managed IT support in Bergen County also often gain an IT partner for other elements of their enterprise. As an IT services provider, most IT support vendors have a variety of digital tools and services available as their clients and customers need them. In many cases, the customer doesn’t know the full capacity of the support available through this third-party contractor and only becomes aware of it as the relationship grows. As a result, many IT support services providers become integral partners to the business as they develop and implement the technical services that enhance the activities of their client.

Bergen County, New Jersey is bustling, and your business needs all the support it can get to compete in that busy and lucrative economy. Accessing the services of an IT support service is one way to ensure that your company will do more than survive; you’re ensuring it will thrive, too.


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