There are many reasons why it’s tough to keep up in New York City’s (NYC) hyper-competitive business world. According to business experts, there are also reasons unique to the ‘Big Apple’ as to why companies of all sizes can thrive there, too; using managed IT services in NYC facilitates more than one of them. If your enterprise is looking for managed IT services in New York City, it’s probably already on its way to significant corporate success in ‘the City that never sleeps.’

Indicators of Success in NYC’s Corporate Community

According to Forbes’ New York Business Council, companies that select the right tools can not only succeed in NYC but best their market there, too. That opinion may be surprising to some, as NYC is known for its (sometimes) cut-throat competitor battles within industries. In fact, in 2011, the City was named the ‘most competitive city in the world’ that year in a report sponsored by Citi and prepared by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The report based its selections on research conducted in 120 major world cities and their relative ability to attract businesses, capital, talents and (yes) tourists. Since that report was issued, New York City has consistently ranked high on jobs growth and business starts lists, and, of course, remains a major tourist destination for global visitors.

How Managed IT Services Provide Corporate Benefits

In general, managed IT services provide fundamental business processes to relieve their customers of having to manage those corporate elements themselves. The premise makes sense: the corporate focus for most companies is not IT development or management even though almost all companies these days rely on IT to facilitate and grow their business. Ergo, rather than spending time and resources on a corporate aspect that is not at the heart of their enterprise, many organizations elect to outsource their IT requirements to an IT expert, their managed IT services provider. By doing so, they gain many benefits, all of which contribute positively to their bottom line:

6) Stability

One factor that sets a successful company apart within its sector is its ability to remain stable and focused regardless of market and industry fluctuations. Managed IT services contribute to that stability by keeping many of the fundamental technical processes functioning while corporate talent focuses on its core deliverables. Knowing that the IT tools will be ready and able to tackle whatever project looms next gives leadership the peace of mind they need to make the best decisions, even in difficult circumstances.

5) Predictability

Despite the need to remain flexible during market and economic railings, most companies need predictability to remain focused on their core work: predictable budgets; predictable expenses, and predictable support when it’s needed. Those that outsource a portion or all of their IT requirements can count on predictability within each separate service. Outsourced operations such as call centers or customer services offer predictability by maintaining consistent programming and practices, and tracking, and reporting activities on a regular basis. And managed IT services contain their operating costs within a predictable budget, too.

4) Compliance

Maintaining compliance with regional, national and (increasingly) international regulations is one of those services that requires more computing power than most companies have available in-house. The IT provider’s servers carry the compliance programs which update as rules change, keeping the customer compliant regardless of changes and at an affordable price.

The Experts Weigh In

The NYC financial experts also recognize how the providers of managed services in NYC benefit their customers, and they note that these benefits are particularly helpful within the hyper-hot NYC markets:

3) Productivity

One of the recommendations of the panel is for NYC businesses to remain focused on their core mission and goals if they want to succeed in this sector. Managed services providers provide the underlying services companies need to do just that: by outsourcing some of their practices or systems, they can focus their effort and their talent on their core assets and enhance their productivity, knowing that the other corporate elements are in good hands.

2) Roadmap Development

Another recommendation is for NYC enterprises to understand the problem that they solve for their customers and focus on providing value to those customers while resolving that issue. As the business grows, the problem they solve may change, multiply or evolve into various iterations; keeping the focus on what sets the company apart from its competition is the key to success in NYC.

Again, this recommendation is easier to follow with the assistance of a managed services provider (MSP). The MSP can take on ancillary or peripheral concerns as needed while enhancing the company’s response to its client’s needs. As the organization grows, so can the type, scope and volume of managed services, so the corporation can make changes knowing it will have the support it needs.

1) Partnership

Not surprisingly, the NYC experts all agree that finding partners and collaborators is the number one way to find business success in NYC. Also not surprisingly, managed services providers in NYC can become excellent partners as they modify their services to fulfill their customers’ needs and demands. And the broader IT capacity of the providers of managed services in NYC give them the capability to respond to cutting-edge market and industry demands, from security and business continuity to logistics and supply chain management.

Running a successful and lucrative business in New York City is one of the greatest thrills any business owner can experience. According to experts, achieving that success is easier when you have a reliable partner at your side that can provide the services you need when you need them. Finding and partnering with a managed services provider in NYC is clearly the road to success.


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