Too many small and mid-sized companies suffer needless losses because they don’t understand the value of outsourced IT in NJ. They don’t know that they can reduce costs and improve profits by establishing a reliable relationship with a trustworthy New Jersey-based IT services partner. They don’t know how that partner offers exactly the technology they need to excel in their market and help them expand and grow to meet their goals. However, when they do understand the flexibility and scope of services provided by a reliable managed IT partner, even the smallest organizations are happily surprised at how much money they can save through that single, invaluable relationship.

Profit = Sale Up + Costs Down

The fundamental rule of staying in business is to build profits while keeping costs down. Many small and mid-sized New Jersey companies struggle to follow the rule, however. They mistakenly believe they must manage all their activities and systems in-house to maintain proprietary confidentiality. Or, they believe that sending any of their core functions to a third-party contractor is too expensive. Unfortunately, these organizations frequently lose profit opportunities and explode their costs by investing unnecessary effort and resources into activities that are beyond their core corporate focus.

Further, today’s increasingly complex technologies also make that in-house endeavor almost impossible. By continually adding new and innovative digital options to existing functions, today’s app and systems developers are rendering outdated systems obsolete, and those companies that cling to the old ways often find themselves at the back of the competitive pack.

Wise Partnering = Reduced Costs

In New Jersey, one sure way to reduce IT costs is to look for partners who are located outside New York City. Research indicates that businesses that operate out of Manhattan pay much higher prices for electricity, taxes and rent than New Jersey businesses that provide the same high quality of work. Those extra expenses are passed on to the customer as higher prices for services.

The next best method to ensure the best price for outsourced IT in NJ is to clarify exactly what types of services your business needs, then find the managed IT services provider (MSP) who excels at those services.

Clarify Your IT Needs

Your corporate IT needs are based on how your organization uses its technology. Some companies require vast volumes of data storage while others need the ability to flex to meet seasonal demands. As you contemplate the type of outsourced IT in NJ that best fits your company’s needs, consider these points:

  • Do you want to outsource ALL your IT capacities, or do you want to retain most or some of them in-house? Most MSPs will take on whatever level of service you ask of them and can also integrate their effort with the ongoing internal IT systems that you retain. In fact, many companies rely on this form of ‘hybrid’ IT organization to maximize the effort of both their in-house assets and their partnership with their MSP.
  • Do you want to reduce costs or improve the quality of your output (service or product)? Your MSP should be able to facilitate both goals simultaneously. The MSP will evaluate your current systems to determine where they can be upgraded or replaced by more functional IT tools. The MSP can also find ways to integrate systems to avoid any unnecessary redundancy.
  • Do you want to make one big capital expense or manage the MSP on an operational basis? An MSP can advise you on where a capital expense might be appropriate and how the outsourced services can fit your monthly operations budget.

Clarify Your Expectations

Since your primary goal is to save money, be sure to clarify for your MSP exactly how much you want to save. In response, the provider will share with you where, within your organization, you can expect to see how the outsourced service is triggering significant cost reductions:

  • In increased efficiencies. Eliminating redundant or outdated processes and replacing them with faster, more efficient systems will also speed the productivity of both your machines and workforce.
  • In enhanced capacities. Your MSP offers advanced capabilities in addition to the technical services. In many cases, the MSP not only provides insights into how to improve business overall, but it also has the skill sets and resources on staff to accomplish those changes.
  • In enhanced flexibility. Seasonal demands often trigger an enterprise to seek out outsourced IT in NJ. MSP’s have the capacity to expand services at peak times, then reduce those loads as demand recedes. Changes in market conditions and even competitors can also be met competitively when you have an MSP partner to help you strategize those pivots in your processes.
  • In better security. You may not have considered this, but your MSP is significantly better at establishing and maintaining your corporate security practices. Not only can their tools encompass all of your security needs, but they are also always on the lookout for the next big threat. Chances are you are too focused on your core capacities to look too closely for threats that you might not even recognize.

All of the above will reduce your costs because, by using the services of your MSP partner, you gain their economies of scale and efficiency. You also gain extra eyes overseeing both your systems and your perimeter, so you can release your in-house talent to focus more on growing your core business.

You don’t need to do it all yourself or in-house. Your New Jersey-based MSP partner can help you gain all the services you need at a cost you can afford.


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