A recent ransomware attack on major European government and healthcare systems has put this type of hack firmly in the public eye. Until recently, ransomware attacks typically targeted individuals. Hacks would find and exploit security vulnerabilities within a single system and lock everything up. That meant a total inability to access any information stored locally on the system or to use it for its intended purpose. Along with the locked system, users get a ransom demand. To unlock the system, simply pay the ransom. The idea of holding data hostage is the foundation of ransomware. It works because many businesses that lose critical data fail. The numbers are clear with up to 94 percent of affected businesses shut down within two years.

An Ounce of Prevention

Once systems are compromised, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to free a system without paying the demand. If denied access can cost more than the ransom, some individuals will simply pay. The same is true for businesses. However, a solid and constantly evolving defense against the original hack is the best deterrent. When systems have updated security settings, off-site backups and other methods in place to defend against these attacks, it acts as a solid line of protection. Even if a system is locked, your business can continue to function using auxiliary methods. Your IT company should offer a variety of security options that can help. Services range from additional authentication during login to off-site hosting and regular security updates.

Too Late… Already a Victim?

A good IT company is always ready to handle a successful attack. After all, every data security service knows that there are more hackers trying to gain illicit access than there are defenders keeping watch at the firewall. Hacks are an inevitable part of doing business in a digital age, and your IT company should have plans in place to address issues as they arrive. When looking at data security, the question should never be how often does downtime occur, but rather, how long does it take to get back up and running? Downtime happens, but your IT company can minimize the duration. Faster uptimes mean limited disruption to your operations.

TechWerxe Can Help Defend Your Systems

At TechWerxe, we partner with a variety of businesses to create agile, flexible and up to date digital defenses. Service can range from:

  • Handling hardware updates. It is easy to rely on outdated systems until there is a security breach. TechWerxe can help inventory, assess and implement updated hardware systems to ensure network stability and security.
  • Manage migrations, physically and to the cloud. Whether you’re moving offices or need to make systems available to remote employees or satellite offices, Techwerxe can help.
  • Updated security settings and plans. Existing security protocols require constant updates to stay on the leading edge of digital defense. From rolling out network security updates to educating employees on best practices, every aspect of your network security can be handled through your IT company.

These are just a few of the tech services available. For ongoing maintenance or a complete system setup, TechWerxe has the expertise you need to streamline virtually any IT project. With always available customer service, action plans and data backup solutions, you never need to worry about lack of responsiveness or delays due to IT issues.




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